About Us

Whether its for the conquest of the perfect chocolate chip cookie or to savor again every last morsel of Red Velvet Cake, reminiscent of Mom’s, Bee Sweet will satisfy that sweet tooth. Chef Jennifer’s love of needing to create simply delicious cakes and pastries for friends and family, with only the finest of ingredients, and with the desire to make others tummies happy as well, Bee Sweet was born. Now, with that continued passion, take the time to create that perfect confection you are craving!

A 1998 graduate of The Culinary Institute of America, Chef Jennifer McMurry has worked in DC Metro area restaurants as a pastry chef for over 14 years. While the love of pastries, customer service and striving constantly to perfecting both remain first, Jennifer’s desire to also give that to the customer on more personal level became imperiative, thus the creation of Bee Sweet Pastries.